2004 Volvo XC90 Brake Light Bulb Replacement

2004 Volvo XC90 FWD Brake Light Bulb Replacement; easy process to do yourself, and bypass having to goto the dealership. Just for giggles, I called my local Volvo dealership, and it was going to cost me a flat install fee of .00 dollars plus .95 for the bulb…After hanging up, this took me 10 minutes to do myself, and the bulb was .15 (after tax) for a two pack! Parts Autozone Part: Sylvania LongLife 7506 LL (LL just means Long Life) Part #: 7506 LL

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25 Responses to 2004 Volvo XC90 Brake Light Bulb Replacement

  1. nestabus says:

    Thank you so? much!!

  2. M zabrinna M says:

    wow, amazing. i did? this on my volvo before i watched your video by just reading the volvo manual, but after i watched your video, i noticed i did not do something important, i did not added grease in the socket, ooppssyy…..i hope the bulb is well though. Nicely done. Perfecto. =)

  3. TheTexasCoder says:

    LOL, you’re very welcome, and I agree, there are somethings easy? to work on the Volvo, but somethings (like bulbs) that are more difficult than they should be! Thanks for watching and for the nice comment!

  4. TheTexasCoder says:

    It sounds like moisture may be getting into the socket, try some di-electric grease in the socket and then installing the bulb. I had this same issue on my rear brake lights, especially after a car wash? or bad rain storm.

  5. TheTexasCoder says:

    You’re very welcome!? Thank you for the nice comment!!

  6. kchadavi says:

    Nicely done. Thank you for taking the time to do it and save so much? time and money for all of us!

  7. Art S says:

    MY LIGHT BULB burns out every week what module is faulty???? any ideas anybody???????

  8. Art S says:

    you can pop the panel off from the inside of the trunk area, then move the lock by hand, you may also apply graphite lubricant on the moving parts?

  9. yopimpalot says:

    Good JOB man!
    i was clueless on how to remove the bulb!? stupid VOLVO! soo much work for something easy!!
    thanks man!

  10. Kristylynnarnett says:

    Thank you!!!!?

  11. TheTexasCoder says:

    That is awesome! Thank you for watching and for the kind words!? I am glad the video helped!

  12. jenniferdavis21 says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!! Busted my employer’s rear light, but was able to fix it myself thanks to? your help!

  13. jjony44 says:

    excellent!!!! ? thank you!

  14. verocary says:

    Very? helpful..Thanks!

  15. Djinxi says:

    Thanks! I just changed my bulb? after watching your video!

  16. pluto1688 says:

    awesome. took me 10 min to replace the bulb with this? video.

  17. SovetskieSoldat says:

    My fuel door won’t? open… Any ideas on how to fix that?

  18. schan73 says:

    I’ve been meaning to replace my broken bulb a few months now? and I just saw this video. Flash forward a quick trip to the store and 60 min later – all done! Thanks for the great instructions

  19. SovetskieSoldat says:

    I have? those volt places around the car and i have so far found the front one working only… Is there a way to turn them on?

  20. TheTexasCoder says:

    that is awesome! Thank you for the comment and for watching, that is the main reason I? video my repairs! I am glad my video helped!

  21. steveanderson29 says:

    Good job. Thanks. You saved my? mom $75.

  22. TROTSKI36 says:


  23. YourBudChris says:

    Indeed, thank? you very much for the very helpful and useful video, after watching it, I was able to successfully install a replacement bulb with little to no issues (and when it comes to working on cars, that’s a rarity), so I applaud and thank you, you’re fighting the good fight ^_^

  24. kim621100 says:

    Thanks !! I replaced the bulb today. Used the 10 mm socket . The top bolt was a bit harder to get at because of the angel .I am not handy and do not like to do minor repairs because nothing goes right. Thanks to your vid? everything went well. Everything went in place.

  25. TheTexasCoder says:

    You’re very welcome, I am glad they helped. Thanks for? watching and for the comment!

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