How To Install Replace Front Outside Door Handle Toyota Camry 92-96 1A Auto shows you how to repair, install, fix, change or replace a broken or snapped off exterior door handle. This video is applicable to 1992-1996 Toyota Camry models.

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25 Responses to How To Install Replace Front Outside Door Handle Toyota Camry 92-96

  1. 1aauto says:

    @crazyitch21 The latch is located on the outer edge of the door. It latches the door to a post on the body of the car called a striker. If you can take the door panel off, you may be able to reach inside of the door and release the latch by pulling on the rod that opens the door.

  2. crazyitch21 says:

    @1aauto just my passenger door has a trouble, everything works fine except that the passenger door won’t open in the inside or the outside.. the repair shops told me it’s a latch problem and i don’t know what it is.. before the passenger door can be open in the inside but now it won’t open on either the inside or out..

  3. 1aauto says:

    @crazyitch21 If you have two doors that won’t open, and they are power door locks check to see if there’s power the door lock actuators. if there is and they just do not unlock, then this video will show you how to take everything apart to check out the linkage inside of the door.

  4. crazyitch21 says:

    my 1997 toyota camry passenger side won’t open on bothsides, i wonder if how will i do it… i asked repair shops and they told me it will cost me at least $500… i don’t want to pay that much so i am here in youtube to see how will i do it myself that way i can save…

  5. BigLongJon21 says:

    My brothers 93 camry door can’t open at all wht do u thinks the problem. I know its more than just replacing the door handles.

  6. 1aauto says:

    @PeterGriffin4200 We sell quite a few parts for the Toyota Camry including the door handle shown in our auto repair video. It’s a pretty easy fix and will last a lot longer than zip ties.

  7. PeterGriffin4200 says:

    My drivers side door handle in my 1994 Toyota Camry broke of 2 years ago I just put zip ties and been using that. These cosmetic things in Toyota are cheap and easy to break but their mechanical units(engine, tranny, suspension etc) are rock solid. Got almost 300,000 miles on the Camry and only major replacement was a starter at 100k miles(which is still ok now) and majority of it life the engine check light is on which is also common in Toyota.

  8. piyushkjain says:

    I have the exact same problem. If you can tell where to apply pressure using screw driver it would be great. Thanks!

  9. fignwton13 says:

    Thank you so much! Saved me a ton of money by doing it myself

  10. mrqmdee says:

    The video was a great help thanks!!!!!!!!

  11. kelli3boys says:

    This was AMAZING. I got the replacement handle that my son’s dad broke and I got the panel off and had NO clue on how to get to that handle!!!!! You saved me lots of money on labor at a car shop!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!

  12. leenstlouis says:

    thanx for the video, i didnt actually think that there would be one on here but im glad i looked. i appreciate it.

  13. poolplayer999 says:

    why do these door handles break so easily on 1992-1995 camrys? I have five family members who all broke theirs, as well as my own camry door handle.

  14. youka000 says:

    Can you explain how to safely disengage the clip so that I can back the rod out of the mounting hole on the back of the door handle assembly (see the 5:00 minute mark of this video)?

    I can unlatch the clip from the rod, but when I try to pull the rod back (from left-to-right), the clip won’t release its grip on the tip of the mounting rod.

  15. paullewski says:

    This is one of the most incredible resources on Youtube! Thank you!

  16. bandcfamily says:

    Words cannot describe my thanks… that door handle cover would of been broke out had you not shown how. Thank you again! Asking a mechanic to show his tricks is like asking a magician to tell his secrets because they both would be out of a job. Here you share enough to help!

  17. spartanW043 says:

    @Youngogirl- just did this on my parents 98 Camry. it is very similar. some screw placements are different when removing the door panel, but thats about it.

  18. 57ccrider says:

    Caution if the threaded receiver in the door handle is fused to the mounting bracket. Easy to tear the door skin. On my driver front, 86 Toyota Corolla the rear mount bracket literally ripped out. Only option, fabricate a replacement. Made test brackets from an old license plate, I then a piece of 8ga. steel to make a replacement. Held with Epoxy it works great. To let the Epoxy set I used a pair of 10-24 stove bolts. After curing, pulled the bolts filled & touched up to finish the job.

  19. AskJeeves17 says:

    Do you think that you guys could do a video of the later model camry from 1997-2002? That would be AMAZING

  20. saik0pod says:

    This is different from the toyota camry LE with the power locks etc,

  21. 1aauto says:

    @spazzman2323 The window is still in the car.You can leave it in there.

  22. GuitarPhD says:

    Thank you so much for this video! I just wish I had found it about two hours ago. Excellent demonstration, I even took my laptop into the garage and followed every step and it was done in 5 minutes.

  23. 1aauto says:

    @5280rap Thank you for checking out our channel.

  24. 5280rap says:

    great video. was sooo easy to install. thanks for the instructions. dont need to pay someone to do something this simple. saved myself money.

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